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solar thermal for hot water

Alongside our Approved Installers we are leaders in solar thermal technology for commercial and domestic projects

solar hot water for National Trust

Solar thermal  leaders since 2005

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) -

The LaZer2 solar collector is one of the most efficient in the world.  Installed in combination with existing boilers and thermostats, or with new heat pumps, they can make a well-designed solar-thermal system a realistic MEP asset.


Solar Hot Water - 

The LaZer2 collector is c.4x more efficient at heating hot water than solar PV and in the northern European climate, for which the LaZer2 has been specifically designed, you can expect the system to deliver c.70% of a building’s hot water demand per year.

Commercial buildings and City rooftops

In city centres throughout the world, where space is at a premium, architects, planners and developers are striving for greater energy efficiencies.

If your commercial building requires hot water delivery temperatures well above 60C, you should consider the LaZer2 system for your solar hot water. (Even in the winter months as a pre-heat, the energy savings are impressive)

Sports & Leisure

Clients with larger pools, spa facilities, and showers, and their consequent higher water usage, will see increasing benefits of deploying LaZer2 solar thermal heating.

You will see higher efficiencies of solar thermal over solar PV  from available roof areas, giving you a financial return on investment that is usually far greater. 

You will know doubt know that these pools require huge amounts of energy to heat the water. Using solar thermal panels means the daily heating cost is significantly reduced.

Hospitality, Care and Education

Do you have locations where people gather in large number - Hotels, Care & Nursing Homes, Student Accommodation, Schools, Colleges, and Universities?

Where your large numbers of people gather, hot water usage is often significantly higher per occupant and yet still  the water is discharged as waste. A solar thermal system in your similar location will provide impressive financial returns because of far higher utilisation.

From hospitals to laundries, agriculture and dairy to brewing and food processing, you may have a huge demand for hot water for cleaning down and sterilisation, or as part of your production and operating processes.

Solar thermal is the definition of renewable energy for commercial and industrial process applications for immediate point-of-use or as a pre-heat for wider applications.

You may be considering heat pumps for your project. They are a great way of attaining low grade heat.

However, the target domestic hot water temperature of 60c is above the output temperature of most modern heat pump primary circuits, and therefore additional heating via a second-stage compressor or an immersion heater is required.

Given that LaZer2 solar thermal takes these temperatures in its stride (LaZer2 efficiency hardly drops at 60c), a combination of a heat pump and a LaZer2 solar thermal system significantly increases the service life of the heat pump, as well as retaining the fuel saving advantage, with summer solar gain almost eliminating heat pump usage for ½ the year!


Process Heat

How solar thermal works?

Let’s begin with some basic physics.

Heat energy gets from one place to another by one of three methods:


Conduction – where the energy moves through the material, for example a steel poker resting in a fire, conducts heat easily and the handle gets hot quickly.


Convection – where something is heated and then physically moves taking the heat energy to wherever it moves to. For example, air in a room next to a radiator gets hot and rises to circulate heat around the room; this is natural convection.  An example of forced convection is where water enters a boiler, gets heated by a gas flame, and is then pumped to a radiator.


Radiation – this is the direct transfer of heat energy by photons of light. For example, you can feel the radiant heat from the sun on your face on a sunny day.


And remember, that heat energy moves from hot to cold; you cannot make something hot by sitting it next to something cold.


Solar thermal systems comprise panels, usually situated on the roof of a building but they can sometimes be placed in a ground-mounted array.  These panels are generally referred to as “collectors” and are further defined as either “flat plate” or “evacuated tubes”.


To be useful, the solar collectors need to be hotter than the ambient temperature and therefore conduction and convection will both work against the process by taking heat from the collector to the outside world, which isn’t where we want it.  The only way to get higher temperatures transferred to where we do want it e.g., our water system, is by radiation. All solar collectors require radiation to get higher temperatures than the ambient temperature.


Flat panel collectors are generally less efficient than vacuum tube collectors because they suffer from both conduction and convection because, no matter how good the insulation, there is always a loss of heat energy that the vacuum collectors do not have. 


Conversely, the LaZer2 collector, which is an evacuated tube collector, suffers no such inefficiencies because in a vacuum tube there is no material in the vacuum to enable conduction or convection to happen.  The inner part of the tube has no physical contact with the ambient temperature; it could be 10c below zero, but the inner part of the tube can only see radiation; it cannot feel the outside temperature and so, if there is simply daylight, the LaZer2 tube will get hot.


The rest of the solar system is designed to get the heat from the solar collector to where it is needed, and it does that by the medium of a circulation fluid linked to a pump to move the heat from the panel to the hot water cylinder as required.


We use an inhibited antifreeze solution to transfer the heat from the collector to wherever it is needed e.g. the hot water cylinder.  The hot water cylinder used in solar thermal systems has a second coil that physically separates the domestic hot water from the inhibitor and transfers the heat.

Why LaZer2 solar thermal

LaZer2 solar thermal on Energy Technology List

Solar thermal is specifically for generating heat, mainly for hot water applications to which it is ideally suited. Over 55% of solar radiation arrives in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is detrimental to PV panels as they deliver much lower performance at higher temperatures.


Dedicated solar thermal panels are 3.5 to 4 times more efficient at generating hot water than solar PV.

  • LaZer2 is a Solar UK brand

  • Designed and built in Britain

  • Highly efficient evacuated tube technology

  • Verified efficiencies to EN12975

  • UK Government approved

  • MCS approved

  • More than 2,000m2 collectors installed to date

  • 10-year product warranty 

Our History

LaZer2 solar thermal collectors are tried and tested; the first models were launched in 2005 and are still performing today.


Proudly Made in Britain at our factory in East Sussex, LaZer2 panels are today delivering carbon-free hot water across the UK and Europe, for public buildings, commercial offices, hospitals, universities, libraries, leisure centres, manufacturing plants, farms, dairies, local authorities, the emergency services, and many other customers, both commercial and domestic.


Recognised as one of the most efficient solar thermal panels in the world, LaZer2 is proud to sit on the UK government’s Energy Technology List.


As the world looks for technology that will help to decarbonise the heating infrastructures, LaZer2 is proud to do its bit.  A new LaZer2 solar thermal system comes with a 10-year product warranty and, with regular servicing and preventative maintenance, the LaZer2 system will provide solar-heated hot water for many years to come.

Leaders in solar thermal technology

solar thermal for hot water
120 M2 Lazer system on leisure centre

Leisure Centre - Norfolk

solar hot water
solar thermal for hot water

LaZer2 is a cleantech manufacturer, based in South East England, helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using solar thermal technology.

We provide a complete range of services from initial feasibility through system design, installation, service and maintenance.

solar hot water
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solar thermal expertise
solar thermal expertise
solar thermal expertise
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